One Baby Item that Saved My Nights as a New Mom

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Moms are worriers. It’s in our nature. We worry about everything because we want to make sure that our children are happy, safe, and healthy.

So, if you can find something that would help you stop from worrying just a little bit and give you some peace of mind, would you? Yeah, that’s what I thought. So let me tell you why you need an Owlet Smart Sock.

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The Night Time Struggle

When my son was born, I never thought that I would be the type of mom that would freak out about making sure he was breathing 100 times a night, but I did. I had heard all of the SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) warnings and I was just terrified that something was going to happen to him.

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Thinking like this was making my already limited sleep become nonexistent. I was exhausted and desperate, so I did what any mother would do at 2am, I consulted my good friend Google. I did some searching about how to prevent SIDS to see if there was something more that I could be doing.

I had already set up my home as a “safe sleep” environment by not having any blankets or toys in my baby’s bed. I also tried to keep the temperature at a comfortable level and made sure that he was on his back, but I felt like I could do more.

My Saving Grace

Then I found it, the Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor. This was what I was looking for. It was like the clouds parted and the angels were singing down to me. I know that’s a bit dramatic, but as an overly tired and stressed out mama, that’s how it felt.

I did as much research as my sleep addled brain would allow and then hit the BUY NOW button. It showed up in 2 days thanks to my handy-dandy Amazon Prime subscription, and I was thrilled.

I spent all of 3 minutes setting it up because it was just so stinking easy. The sock links to an app on your phone and it’s full of all these helpful videos about how to set it up, making sure that the sock is positioned correctly, and even making sure you understand about the different alarms and how to read the information.

What is an Owlet Smart Sock?

If you aren’t familiar with the Owlet Smart Sock then let me tell you how freaking awesome this thing is! It is just what it sounds like, it’s a sock that goes on your baby’s foot. Well, more like a wrap, but you get the idea. The Smart Sock is used to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while he sleeps.

How Does the Owlet Smart Sock Work?

In the sock there is a little device that monitors your baby’s heart rate and his oxygen levels using pulse oximetry.

If either of the levels drops too low or jumps up too high, then an ungodly sounding alarm will go off on the base station as well as the app on your phone to let you know to get your butt up and go check on your kid.

My Experience with the Owlet Smart Sock

I tried it out that night and was amazed with how it worked. I just put the sock on my son’s foot (he didn’t seem to care at all) and hit the switch and it started tracking.

The base station glows a soft green light when it is monitoring so it was easy for me to check it during the night to make sure that baby J was okay. I could also just open up the app and immediately see his oxygen levels and his heart rate.

And if they happened to go outside the normal range, then an alarm would sound on the base station as well as my phone to make sure that I woke up to be able to get to the baby in time.

While I still felt the need to check on him several times a night, I didn’t have to stand over his crib like a crazy person trying to see if he was breathing in the dark. I also didn’t have to risk waking the cute, little stick of dynamite either.

Eventually, I even got to the point where I didn’t have to wake up at night to check the monitor. I trusted that it was working and keeping an eye on my baby at night so that I could better keep an eye on him during the day. The peace of mind that this one product gave me was just beyond my imagination.

Owlet Smart Sock FAQ

Since you may not want to just take my word for it, here are a few questions that you may have about the Smart Sock.

  • Is the Owlet Accurate?

The pulse oximetry technology that is used is the same that is used at your doctor’s office. It’s in the little clip that your doctor puts on your finger. A small light shines through your skin to test the amount of blood flow and oxygen levels based on how much light is transmitted to the sensor.

According to Owlet’s website, the technology used in the Smart Sock is proven pulse oximetry and meets the international pulse oximetry standards for accuracy.

  • Can You Use the Owlet Without WiFi?

Yes. The base station connects with the sock via Bluetooth. WiFi is needed if you want to use the app on your phone, but the base station is still set to notify you of any issues even without WiFi connectivity.

This offers some really great peace of mind if you are ever worried about your phone dying or your internet going out in the middle of the night.

  • Does Owlet Reduce SIDS?

While the Owlet Smart Sock itself does not prevent SIDS, it can certainly help reduce the likelihood of that happening since it will be able to alert you to any changes in your baby’s heart rate or breathing patterns.

To help ensure your baby’s health and well being while he’s asleep, make sure that you are following the safe sleep practices recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Your baby should be alone, on his back, and in a crib.

The Owlet Smart Sock can help, but only you can prevent SIDS.

  • Is the Owlet Safe?

Yes. Pulse oximetry has been used in hospitals since the 1980s, and has not been shown to have any effects, and the frequency of the Bluetooth is Low Energy. The Bluetooth isn’t always on. It is used periodically to update your phone’s app.

The radio waves that the device generates are also more than 20 times below that of cellphones. The Owlet Smart Sock is perfectly safe for your baby.

  • Is the Owlet Covered By Insurance?

Unfortunately, no. Since the Owlet Smart Sock is a consumer product, it is not covered by insurance. If you have an FSA or HSA plan though, you can use that to purchase the Smart Sock.

  • How Do You Keep the Smart Sock On?

The key is to make sure that the sock is tight enough on your baby’s foot without being overly snug. The Smart Sock will come with three different sizes to fit your baby up to 25 pounds, or around 18 months. Each baby’s foot is unique though.

My son has very long, skinny feet so he was able to wear the size 1 sock much longer than originally suggested by the manufacturer. And I never had to use the size 3 sock on him. Don’t be afraid to go against the recommendations a little bit if you find that the size you’re supposed to use doesn’t quite fit.

  • How Long Does the Owlet Sock Stay Charged?

The Smart Sock has a battery life of 18 hours, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it running out of charge in the middle of the night. You will need to make sure that it is charged during the day though.

I also always found it to charge very quickly. I would take the sock off in the morning when my son woke up and put it on to charge. By the time he was ready for his morning nap, it was typically already charged.

The Pros

Peace of Mind

Knowing that there was a second set of eyes (so to speak) on my son at night gave me more comfort than I ever could have imagined.


The Smart Sock and the base station are small and lightweight making them extremely portable. My son and I did a fair bit of traveling before he turned six months old. I took the Owlet Smart Sock with me on every trip.

It was just a simple matter of connecting it to the WiFi in the hotel so that I could get the app readings. Even without that though, since the Bluetooth was still connected to my phone, it was always working.


I never once believed that there was any problem with the accuracy of my Smart Sock. All of my son’s readings matched up to what I saw from him at the doctor’s office as well as the recommendations for a normal range for his age.

It even became very easy for me to be able to tell when he was asleep just by seeing what his heart rate level was. I didn’t have a video monitor (though I wish I did), so being able to tell if he was truly asleep or still squirming was very helpful for me.

My Husband and I Could Both Use it

I love the fact that my husband and I could each be able to see my son’s stats on our own devices simultaneously. We each just needed to download the free Owlet app and then sign into the account. From there, all of my son’s data was available for each of us. It was great!

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The Cons


Though I personally have not run into this issue, I have heard from others about the issues of running the Owlet with multiple babies. If you have twins, for instance, you will need to have two separate base stations and the app running on two separate devices to be able to monitor both babies at the same time. I can see how that could get annoying.

Hopefully Owlet will have a solution for that soon.

Only Works When Baby is Sleeping

The Smart Sock is only meant to be used when your baby is asleep. So, once your baby wakes up and begins moving around, the sock will no longer be tracking. The app will tell you that your baby is wiggling and the readings are unable to come through.

There aren’t any alerts for this, it just means that you’ll have to be in charge of watching your baby rather than the Smart Sock during the day.

A Word of Caution

The Owlet Smart Sock is not to be used in place of safe sleeping practices. Parents are warned to not get overly reliant on the Smart Sock and begin putting your baby in unhealthy sleeping situations such as on his stomach or by bed sharing.

There are so many, very easy steps that you can take to keep your baby safe and using an Owlet Smart Sock is just one of them. 

Is the Owlet Smart Sock Worth it?

I fully and wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone and everyone that has a new baby or is about to.

I have heard some horror stories about babies that have died either due to SIDS or simply by being in an unsafe sleeping environment by accident. Those baby’s deaths could have been stopped with the Owlet Smart Sock and it’s just awful to think about what those families have gone through.

Don’t let something terrible like that happen to you and your little one. Help protect your baby at night. Let the Owlet Smart Sock help.

Are you planning on getting an Owlet Smart Sock? Leave me a comment below or join the conversation in our Facebook group.

Until next time!

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    1. I love, love, LOVE my Owlet! It was completely worth it to me for the peace of mind it brought. I think this would be a great gift for your daughter.

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