Bonding with your baby is one of the biggest highlights of motherhood. Did you know though that you can start bonding with your baby while you are still pregnant? Oh yeah, totally possible.

Here are some really easy ways that I bonded with my baby while I was still pregnant. Start doing these things now to help your relationship with your baby grow.

5 ways to bond with a baby while pregnant

Sing to Your Baby

Singing to your baby is an excellent way to bond while you’re still pregnant. Your baby will develop ears around 18 weeks. Once that happens he will be busy picking up all kinds of sounds from inside the womb.

The amniotic fluid that your baby is housed in is a great sound amplifier so there really isn’t a need to get any expensive pregnancy headphones either. Just sing to your baby, he’ll hear you.

When choosing to sing to your baby, I’d suggest singing the same song each day. Not only will your baby get used to your voice, but he will also get used to the song. He’ll remember that song when he’s born and will be more likely to calm down because it will remind him of a peaceful time. I know it worked for my son.

I sang the same two or three songs to him every day that I was pregnant. I can sing one of those songs now and he’ll immediately stop crying and sometimes even drift off to sleep. It’s amazing!

Talk to Your Baby

If you aren’t much of a singer, don’t worry. You can still bond with your baby easily by just talking to him. You can even apply the singing principle by reading the same book to him every day.

I actually had my husband do this when I was pregnant. He read the same story to my belly every night before bed. Not only did it help my son learn his father’s voice, but it also gave my husband a tool to be able to calm him easily if I wasn’t around. I cannot tell you how amazingly helpful that is.

Not having to be the only person capable of getting my son calm is so useful!

Give Your Baby a Nickname

Naming your baby is obviously very important, but so is giving him a nickname. Just something that you can use to help make him more real until you can actually meet him.

My husband and I used to call our little one babysaurous while I was pregnant. When I found out I was having a boy, that name changed to Mr. Babysaurous. Though we don’t call him that now, it really helped me wrap my head around being pregnant. It also kept me from referring to my baby as “it”.

Once he was born, his nicknames changed. Mr. Babysaurous is a bit of a mouthful, but I’ll always remember that as his first name.

how to bond with your baby while pregnant

Write to Your Baby

Writing letters to your baby can definitely help you bond while you’re still pregnant.

When I was pregnant, before we picked a name, I would write little letters in a composition book. Once we decided on a name though, I went and signed him up for an email address and now I send emails to him.

This is a great way for me to let my little one know what is going on at different stages of his life, but also to have family members leave him notes as well. I plan on giving him the email address and password when he turns 18. At that point he will have a whole inbox full of memories and he has a good email address without having to add 30 numbers to the end of his name. Win-win!

Play with Your Baby

No, I’m not crazy, you can actually play with your unborn baby. You can do this in a couple of ways:

You can take a flashlight and shine it on different parts of your stomach and watch how your baby reacts to it. You don’t have to use a very bright one, to be honest you shouldn’t. His eyes are very sensitive. You should also avoid shining the light directly in front of his face. Sensitive eyes, remember?

Another fun way to play with your baby is to gently press on your stomach in different areas when he’s kicking. My kiddo loved this! He would arch his back out and I would rub it. It seemed to always make him calm. To be honest, it still does and he’s nearly a year old.

Play time is learning time for babies, even in the womb. Playing with your baby not only helps you to bond with him, but it also helps him learn about different sights, sounds, feelings, as well as how to move his body (even if he doesn’t know the body is his yet).

These are just a few ways to bond with your baby while you’re pregnant. Have you tried any of these? How did it go? Leave me a comment below.

Until next time!

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