For being so tiny, it is amazing the amount of stuff that newborns need. As a new mom, you want to have anything and everything that can help make life with your newborn as easy as possible and companies know this. There are so many products out there advertising more sleep, easier feedings, and happier babies that it’s hard to figure out what you really do need. So here are a few must haves items that I found to be actually helpful during life with my newborn. Hopefully some of these things will help you too.

Must Have Items for Life with a Newborn

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Car Seat

It should be without question that you will have to have a car seat for your newborn. I’m pretty sure that every hospital actually requires it before they will allow you to take the baby home. (If they don’t then they certainly should.)

I thought long and hard about the type of car seat that I would get for my baby. I went back and forth about whether to get an infant seat and then get a larger one later. Or if I should just get a convertible now and forget the infant seat. I was even told at one point that I needed to get TWO seats since we have two cars. That made absolutely no sense to me since I only had ONE baby. Eventually we decided on the Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit Convertible car seat.We picked this seat for a couple of reasons:

  1. We would never have to get another car seat because it is good up to 120 pounds and it converts all the way down to a booster seat.
  2. The seat is extremely easy to install, clean, and adjust as my baby grows.
  3. I REALLY didn’t want to have to carry around an infant seat. They just look cumbersome and annoying.

Though there is the downside that you don’t actually have a seat to put your newborn in when your out and about (we just use a stroller or a carrier), the pros for this seat far outweigh the cons. I really like this seat. We’re now almost a year in and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Baby Carrier

In the beginning, your baby will want to be held all the time. ALL THE FREAKING TIME! It’s hard to get anything done, like eat, when you have to hold him nonstop. I would suggest a carrier.

I have the Ergobaby 360 carrier and I love it. I wanted something that would grow with him and this definitely does. It has different ways that you can put it on based on the weight and age of your baby so that’s nice. It also has this cool infant insert that made him more secure when he was a newborn.

We used this thing A LOT in the beginning and I still get a ton of use out of it now and my guy is almost a year old. It is totally worth it and so much easier than trying to figure out one of those wrap things.

Owlet Monitor

If you have done any kind of research on baby supplies, then I’m sure you’ve heard about the Owlet Smart Sock baby monitor. You’ve probably also heard about the price. It’s true that it isn’t necessarily cheap, but the peace of mind that it has given me as more than made up for the cost.

I never thought that I would be one of those moms up every 20 seconds running to check on her baby, but that was totally me. Doing that though runs the risk of waking the cute, little, sleeping, bundle of dynamite and that is just too much of a risk.

The Owlet monitor not only allowed me to check on him without having to go into his room, thanks to the handy dandy app, but to also know that should the unthinkable happen (SIDS), I would be alerted before it was too late. I got MUCH better sleep knowing that my baby was being watched. I highly, highly, highly recommend this product.

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Yoga Ball

So I got my yoga ball while I was pregnant to help with back pain and such, but I’ve used it more since J has been born than I ever would have imagined. J doesn’t like to rock, he likes to bounce. When I need to get him to quiet down, bouncing on my ball is my number one go to. Probably at some point he will get too big for me to comfortably do this, but for now I love the quiet.

I personally also like using one size larger than suggested for my height for this. It makes things more comfortable and it isn’t so much of a workout for your legs.

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Cloth Diapers

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I do not do cloth diapers. I wish I did for the environment and cost, but I just couldn’t get past the idea of having to wash so much poop. It just wasn’t for me.

What I’m talking about is the flat-folded cloth diapers. I love them! Cheaper than receiving blankets and I can use them for everything. Spit up rags, blankets, nursing/pumping covers, actual diapers, anything. They are so great and if they get really gross then I don’t feel as bad throwing them away because they’re cheap.


I love, love, love my Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack. It was my secret weapon against an overly tired baby that didn’t want to sleep. I didn’t use mine every night because I didn’t want him to only be able to sleep that way, but I would bust it out when I got desperate and it worked every time.

It’s a nice, thick material that is all warm and toasty. The flaps are Velcro that stick to the sack so you can make sure that it’s the right size for your baby. And the zipper opens from the bottom for easy night time diaper changes. So convenient.

My guy is too old for the swaddles now since he’s rolling, but I still use the Halo sleep sacks. I absolutely love them! They keep him nice and toasty at night without having the risk of using a blanket. Definitely get some.

Nursing Pillow

In the beginning we tried to nurse. When that failed miserably, we switched to exclusively pumping. (You can read more about that decision HERE) For both cases though I am so glad that I have my Boppy nursing pillow.

Many people think it’s only for nursing, au contraire, I use it for everything. I use it to prop him up during feedings when I’m pumping, for tummy time, for sitting support, and more. I love my Boppy and it was completely worth the money.


I knew that I needed a bassinet type thing for many reasons.

  • I wanted somewhere for my son to sleep in my room for a little while before he moved to his nursery.
  • I needed a portable crib option for any traveling that my husband and I would do.
  • I also wanted something that was going to be easy to move and store.

I picked up a Graco Pack ‘N’ Play, and not just any old one. I got the one with the reversible infant bassinet and changer. When I saw that option, I didn’t really think that I would get a lot of use out of it. It just seemed like a bit of a gimmick. Boy was I wrong!My son LOVED sleeping in the bassinet when he was a newborn. Having a designated area to change him in the middle of the night was so amazingly convenient too. It was extremely easy to turn the changer over one handed, since that’s basically how I did anything when he was a newborn. And when he got too big for the bassinet, I just took it off and had a nice raised area to use rather than having to bend all the way over into the thing.

This was fantastic until he got to the rolling stage, then it just wasn’t considered for safe sleep. By then he was in his nursery anyway. I did continue to use it as a changing station in my living room though. That way I didn’t have to always go back upstairs to the nursery for every diaper change. I am a HUGE fan of baby stations throughout the house. It made my life so much easier.

And don’t worry, that raised shelf type thing in it easily comes out so you can put your baby all the way in the bottom of it when he gets older.

What are you getting for your newborn? Leave me a comment below or join the conversation in our Facebook group.

Until next time!

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